September 3, 2014

Hannah Joy: 11 Months

I think it's safe to say that this past month has been BY FAR the busiest month we've had since having Hannah. And while we've enjoyed the fun weekends, we will certainly have no regrets when the summer comes to a close- and I'm looking forward to that :)

At 11 months, Hannah...

- No longer nurses. The week before I went away on my weekend trip with friends, Hannah was becoming increasingly fussy with nursing. It was a struggle each time and she repeatedly let me know that she was annoyed. I would then end up pumping and giving her a bottle. But I didn't think much of it since she was also getting some teeth and has 99% of the time been a great nurser. Fast forward to the week after my trip, Hannah REFUSED nursing all out. Again, I figured this was a combination of teething and because she was getting bottles all weekend with Daddy and just got used to it. Well, the final straw was the next weekend when we were in Klamath Falls. At this point my supply was already going down quite a bit since I was pumping so much more than nursing. We arrive in Klamath without any of our freezer stash and Hannah goes on an all out nursing strike. So I pump what I can and we bite the bullet and buy our first can of formula. We then begin the process of pumping exclusively and supplementing when we have to.

SO IN CONCLUSION (this is so long)- Hannah now only takes a bottle. Am I sad?  A little bit. Was it hard to start supplementing with formula? You betcha. Is pumping a total pain? YES. But I'm grateful that at this rate we will still make it to the one year mark for breastfeeding. While I wish I had known that the last time she nursed was actually the LAST time, all in all this has been positive for all of us. Formula is a wonderful gift and Hannah is thriving with her bottles of formula/breastmilk. Our journey continues! At least until the next month :)

{Look what happens now! Rian can put Hannah to bed!}

- Hannah got her top two teeth! They popped through at the same time when we were in Klamath Falls. Now the other two flanking the top ones are coming in as well. As predicted, teeth are all coming in at once. Thankfully, other than the nursing strike, she's been doing really well.

- Had a really fun visit to Klamath to celebrate Opa's birthday and spend time with friends.

- Celebrated BFF Callie's first birthday! And Bryann's 30th ;)

- Helped us host Wine and Dine at our home. This worked out so well because once it was time for Hannah to go to bed, everyone just relocated to the back porch. Thankful for a pleasant summer evening and the friends that shared it with us!

- Went to her first Fall Pick-Up Picnic at Stoller (our wine club membership). It was fantastic! They had a mariachi band, taco bar, tastings, helicopter rides (no, we passed on that one) and a beautiful chunk of land with plenty of trees for a lovely picnic.

- Had a fun visit with Uncle Daniel and Aunt Jessica. We went to the zoo and even got to experience our first trip to Benihana to celebrate Uncle Dan's 30th!

- Went on her first swing! Thanks to Logan and Emily for a super fun day at the park.


- Enjoyed a Labor Day "Staycation" at home which included indoor swimming and a trip to the vineyards.

- And last but certainly not least...TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!!! This was so exciting! Hannah has been showing signs that she's interested in walking for a while now. She's been getting sturdier with her standing and occasionally leaning as though she'll walk. Then on the 1st while she was pushing her walker, she simply stopped and walked right toward Rian. We didn't get it on video, but I guess that really just means that we were both present and in the moment. I'm forever grateful that both Rian and I got to see it happen together. What a special milestone!

Some favorite pictures at 11 months:

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August 5, 2014

Hannah Joy: 10 Months

What a fun month we've had! After the month of sickness (i.e. June), we were finally able to get outside more and truly enjoy the Portland summer these past four weeks. Every day brings a new adventure for us and Hannah is taking it all in stride. As the months start to pile up, Hannah's personality is really shining through and we are continually grateful for her joyous spirit and interactive nature.

At 10 months, Hannah...

- Has learned how to clap! She's quite proud of herself when she does it, too. But she will get upset if she looks at you while clapping and you aren't clapping.


- Got her second tooth! It's right next to her front one. This is exciting since she's now still only up to two teeth. Ha!

- Visited her great aunts, uncles and cousins in Washington. We were so grateful to Rian's family for coming in from all over Washington to spend the day with us at Aunt Dawn's home in Chehalis. 

- Celebrated her first 4th of July with friends here in Tigard. We walked down to the high school football field for the fireworks but ended up leaving about an hour before they started. I was realllly past bedtime ;) But we learned that A) Hannah sleeps through fireworks pretty well and B) We can see the fireworks from our front yard! Perhaps next year we'll do a block party :)

- Took her first dip in the pool! My mom got her this adorable inflatable pool that we used on the 4th. It was nice and hot outside, so she really enjoyed the swim. 

- Had her first trip to the beach! We rented Kristi's family beach house in Rockaway Beach the last weekend in July and had the BEST time. The weather was perfect. The house was so great for all of us (including the dogs). And Hannah flippin' LOVES the beach. She got so frustrated when we picked her up off the sand! I'm so grateful that our trip went so well and that we were able as a family to have a successful mini-vacation.

- Went on numerous visits to the zoo! First we went with dear friends Rebecca & Kaylee, next with our buddy Logan and his awesome Nanny Emily, and then Rian and Bryann took Hannah and Callie while the mommies were away at Girls Weekend :) We are so thankful to Rian's parents for our family zoo membership. We've already gotten such great use out of it.

- Rode in her first limo while touring the Stoller Vineyard. We've only been members since May, but we've already been SO many times. We are so happy with our wine club membership to Stoller and look forward to many more baby-friendly events. (Which is awesome because they are ALL baby friendly.)

- Celebrated Clara's first birthday! Can't believe the first B-52 is already a TODDLER. Crazy how quick it's all going by.

- Went on dozens of walks. Since I was finally feeling well enough to get back into our walking routine, Hannah and I were able to log in a total of 26 miles for the month of July. I love our walks together and I'm proud of that number! Whether it's with friends (we've been able to walk with some sweet friends from church) or walking by myself (I love jamming to some SP), it's been a positive thing that we do on a routine basis. Plus, we live in a beautiful city with some great views.

- And lastly, this month Hannah spent her first-ever night away from me. Actually, two nights! Months ago Kristi organized a girls' weekend getaway at the beach house. Initially I figured it wouldn't be possible for me to go. I was (and still am) breastfeeding, so I didn't think I'd be able to leave her for an entire weekend. But as our freezer stash started to pile up and with lots of prompting from Rian, I finally agreed to go. And I am SO thankful that I did! It was an awesome weekend with my friends and a great break from my daily grind. Rian did amazingly well alone and I'm now more confident about leaving her in the future. Of course I missed her and pumping wasn't particularly fun, but the break was much-needed and so very good for the soul.

Phew! See what I mean? July was a busy and fun month!

Some more pictures of Hannah at 10 months:

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